How to use the affiliate dashboard

Welcome to the affiliate how to page. Here you’ll find out how to use the affiliate dashboard. 

How to use the Me & Orla Affiliate Dashboard

Click above image to watch the ‘The Power Of Recommendations’  

Frequently Asked Questions

When I try to log in to the affiliate area it doesn’t work, what do I do? 

The affiliate area requires you to be logged out of your course area.

To access the affiliate area click to log in to Affiliate Login Area (you will find this at the bottom of the My Courses page), this will take you to a page that says ‘You are currently logged in’. Click to log out. Once you have logged out you will be sent to an affiliate screen. Find the log in link in the first sentence and you’ll be sent to a new page where you can log in.

The video above shows how to do this.


How do I generate a link to share with my audience? 

Log in to the affiliate dashboard and click on the Affiliate links tab. The top box (Your Affiliate Link Using Affiliate ID)  has your general affiliate link in it.

This is explained in the video above.


How will I be paid?

All affiliate payments will be made via PayPal. Please make sure you have entered your correct PayPal address on the Edit Profile tab in the affiliate dashboard.

Payments can take up to 90 days due to the payment plans that we offer to students.


Can I check if someone has purchased The Insta Retreat with my affiliate link?

Due to data protection you can’t see who used your link. You can however track the sales that have been made using your link in the Sales tab of the affiliate dashboard


Can I use the Me & Orla logo to promote my affiliate link?

We have created assets that can be used to promote your affiliate links, the use is covered in the affiliate terms and conditions.

You can find them here.


  • Emma Fleetwood

    Hello, I’m wondering if there is any alternative way to set up the payment part other than with PayPal? I’ve had some really bad experiences with PayPal and really reluctant to use them again. But am really keen to be an affiliate. If you could let me know please? Thanks, Emma