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We live in an age of information. Books, podcasts, e-courses, webinars… if there’s something you need to know to run your creative business, the chances are you’ve probably already looked into it, in-depth. We know what we need to be doing.

Where we fall down is the action. We’re busy, and we’re tired. Pinterest, Instagram, Mailing Lists, Blogging, PR… there are just too many plates to keep spinning, and too many good reasons to procrastinate, get distracted, or just plain old give up.

Despite how it might feel sometimes, you’re not the problem here. And you’re definitely not alone. In fact, I think ‘to do’ list overwhelm is the most common problem I see amongst clients, students and business friends.

15 Minute Magic is different.

This program is designed with action in mind. No long videos or reading assignments to fit in – just 15 minutes, wherever you can squeeze it into your day. We’ll draw on the key elements that are essential for focus – novelty, challenge, passion, a deadline with a ticking clock – to push past resistance and get straight into leaps of action, on the daily. Get in, do your task, and then get out – no scrolling, no distractions, no wasted time.

You started your business to do your work, not to become a full time email-answerer and social media manager. Sure, we know we need a Pinterest strategy, should be building consistency, could be making more sales via Reddit and Facebook and reaching out to PRs. But who has the time? And honestly, who even knows where to start?

I’ve got you ❤️

Over the next three months in 15 Minute Magic we’ll be covering everything you need – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, email marketing, press coverage, blogging and more –plus the essential work of goal setting, planning, and tackling the roadblocks of resistance, procrastination and self-doubt along the way.

15 Minute Magic is based on how I really work, and how I’ve built my multi-six figure business alongside juggling a young child, a chronic health condition, untreated ADHD and an NHS day job for the first couple of years. When your time is scarce it’s essential that you invest it wisely. Every 15 Minute Magic activity is based on real-world experience in both my own business, and those of my clients. They’re the small steps that reap big rewards.


  • The prompts Each weekday, you’ll get a 15-minute activity prompt from me, direct to your phone, setting out some intentional action to take for your business. It might be a task, a worksheet, an audio download, a video message. Some will repeat on a regular basis, some will be one time only activities. All of them push you forwards, with regular, intentional steps, so that you’re growing your business and your mindset with every single prompt. Every Friday, our prompt will have more of a self-care focus – though still within the remit of a creative business, to help you look after your businesses most important asset (that’s you!).
  • The postcards One a month you’ll also receive a beautiful, hand-drawn postcard through your letterbox, as a tangible, real-world reminder to check in with your goals and mindset. Stick it on your wall or in the front of your planner to help yourself stay on track.
  •  The community A beautiful, non-Facebook community where you can connect with like-minded creatives, chat, share dilemmas and work together. Join in for Lives, themed chats in the chatroom and to celebrate your weekly wins.
  •  The ExtrasWorkbooks, printables, virtual Co-Working sessions, Q&As and live monthly coaching calls, plus whatever else I can think of along the way! I’m on hand to make the whole experience as magical and effective as humanly possible!

15 Minute Magic has been bloody amazing for my brain and productivity. WHAT IS THIS WIZARDRY SARA??!! Thank you for the magic!

Carly, Blogger

I have gotten so many things done that I would never have attempted because I thought they would take ‘so much time’ but they haven’t and they are taking my business to the next level. This course truly is magic!

Lauren, Content Creator

I am truly amazed how much this community and 15 minute magic has helped me. It has such a positive impact in my personal and professional life. Thanks Sara for keeping unmotivated to finish any task without fear of failure! 

Tanya, Maker & Seller


When does the program start and finish?T his first group will begin receiving prompts on Wednesday 1st April,  and will run until the end of June. Enrolment begins in March to get everybody on board and ready to go from day 1.

What if I fall behind? Let’s be real here: you probably will! Building consistency isn’t about being perfect – it’s about falling off the horse, and then climbing right back on again. The program is built with this in mind. We make plans with slip ups in mind. We look at the reasons we quit, or don’t get back on the wagon sometimes. And most importantly, the prompts are planned so you can always jump back in wherever we’re up to – no need to catch up, you’re not behind.

Are payment plans available? Yes! Follow the purchase link to view the two and three month payment plan options. Please note this is not a monthly subscription service. By purchasing, you are committing to the whole three months, and the instalments are simply to help spread the cost.

What if I don’t work every day? If you only want to follow the prompts on certain days of the week, that’s perfectly fine. You won’t fall behind – prompts are scheduled so that everyone can access them regardless of how many days they are joining in. There are no prompts or tasks to conduct at weekends, because weekends are an important time for rest.

Is this suitable for bloggers and influencers? If your blog is your business (or you’d like it to be), then yes! Although I didn’t write this program initially with bloggers in mind, all of the prompts are equally applicable to people creating content professionally, like any other service-based business. My business started out in influencer work, and I still accept occasional commissions, so all of the activities and tasks are things I know first-hand are useful and beneficial to your work.

Is this suitable for new businesses? Yes! You’ll need to know what your business is about, and have accounts on a range of social media platforms, as well as a website and mailing list provider. You’ll be sent a workbook prior to the prompts beginning that will guide you through this if any of these steps are new to you.

I don’t want to use Facebook/Instagram/Twitter. Can I still take part? I understand some people have personal reasons for preferring to avoid certain platforms. When prompts are platform specific, you may need to substitute your preferred network in place of the one suggested. There’s also a list of back up prompts, which you can access at any time if a day’s activity just doesn’t work for your business or style.

How does this compare with The Insta Retreat, in terms of Instagram knowledge? It’s very different. This is not a conventional course, where I’m teaching my knowledge, and you’re expected to learn. Instead, it’s an experiential business mentoring program: the learning is in the doing. Many prompts will be for tasks that you could easily have thought up for yourself! The difference is that you don’t have to. They’re regularly scheduled at appropriate times, sent directly to you and you’re then held accountable to complete them and reflect on the results. That said, there absolutely are Instagram prompts included that draw on my extensive knowledge and experience helping people develop on the platform. Instead of teaching you about the how and why, we’re just getting right down to the implementation, and learning the rest as we go along.

What is your refund policy? Because we’re only selling a limited number of places, once you purchase your membership we’re unable to resell it or offer returns. You may be able to defer your enrolment to a future program, or transfer it to another individual, so please get in touch. Your statutory rights are not affected.

Why do I have to pay VAT on top of the price? This is dependent on where you’re located – if you live in the UK, VAT will automatically be added to your total when you check out. This is due to UK rules about digital products – please see here for more information. It sucks, I know!

Do you offer free places or scholarships? Yes! Scholarship places are available by submission. To get the form just drop us an email!

I have accessibility requirements. Is this program suitable? This class requires reading of on-screen text and instructions, plus use of a range of smartphone apps. Some prompts may be in video or audio format. If you’d like to discuss your accessibility requirements, I’m always happy to talk confidentially in whatever form is best for you.

When will you next be running this program? I hope to offer it quarterly, once per season, and subscribers to my mailing list will be the first to hear about upcoming dates.

What apps and equipment do I need? You’ll need a smartphone or tablet running on iOS or Android, and social media apps including (but not limited to) Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Mailchimp, Reddit and Mighty Networks. Some printables are included in the course: you can choose to print these at home, via an online printing service or use an app to simply complete them online. Some prompts may take the form of audio of video messages. Please let me know in advance if you require additional support with these formats.

How long do I have to work through the program? Your access to the community will finish on or shortly after the end of June 2020, when the programme concludes. The prompts you have received previously should stay accessible in your messaging folder, providing you’ve not deleted them yourself.

I’m a competitor. May I sign up to this program as research? No. This course is designed for your personal use only, and information and content contained cannot be shared outside of the course, or used for commercial or business use. You agree to the full t&cs of the course by enrolling, and any violation of these is treated accordingly. Also – sidetone: I don’t think this is how brilliant things are made! Better to concentrate on your own thing, and tune out what everyone else is doing.

I have a question that’s not covered here. No problem! Drop me an email, tweet or message via Instagram, and I’ll do my best to get back to you right away!







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